Orange High School

My name is Armond Hankins and I am the principal at Orange High School. I was born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., before moving to the west coast in 1988. For nearly 19 years I lived in southern California area, primarily San Diego, California. It was there that I entered the field of education, working as a teacher, counselor, Dean of Students before ultimately accepting role as a School Administrator. I have a Masters’ degree in School Administration, as well as a Masters’ degree in Educational Counseling. I also have valid credentials in both areas.

As we did last year, Orange High School, has chosen the month of April as our Pay it Forward month. If you have seen the movie Pay it Forward then you will be familiar with the theme of our endeavor for the month of April. If not familiar, the goal will be to create an atmosphere where people give to others, do for others, without the thought of what is in it for me. Please visit web page developed to share information related to the Orange High School - Pay it Forward endeavor. See below

On Tuesday, April 17th from 5-7 P.M. we plan to open up Orange High School once more for an evening full of activities to the group(s) we have targeted. The target group(s) will be those in nursing homes, senior citizen homes, social services referrals, church groups and children in foster care.

Because of my ability to effectively work as a leader, a team player, as well as individually, I excelled during my time on the west coast. I joined the Orange High School family during the summer of 2008. Effective interpersonal communications skills, the use of organized and good time managing skills, as well as my desire to excel and succeed allowed me to steadily move up the ladder, moving from the assistant principal position to that of principal of Orange High School.

I am married and my wife’s name is Lorena. Lorena was born and raised in Tepic, Mexico. During the late 1980’s she moved to California and it there when she and I first met. She graciously translates the Sunday Message/Call into Spanish so that we have the ability to reach out to some of our second language families. We have four (4) children, ages 7, 13, 26, and 28. The 7 year old, Lauren and the 13 year old, Aaron, live with us here in North Carolina, while our adult-age children Karla, 26 and Claudia, 28 remain in southern California. Karla is currently working in the field of education. We all have inspirational people in our lives, my mother Shirley Singletary is one of mine

The are a number of specialized programs that Orange High School has put into place in a effort to assist with the growth and development of the Orange High School students, a few are listed below.
Programs:Advisory Program Link Crew Habitat for HumanityPBIS PBIS Newsletter Academic Saturday School
Student Planner is provided yearly and it provides the Orange High School students a great deal of information from bell schedules, rules and regulations, clubs and sports offered, to graduation requirements for the county and state.

Sunday Message is our attempt to share information with the Orange High School families on a regular basis. The text version of the calls are posted on the website to allow those that may have missed the call or only heard part of the message.

Like many, athletics has always been apart of my life. Since coming to Orange High School in 2008, I see that it is a highlight in the lives of those that currently attend Orange High School, as well as those that have already graduated. Orange High School athletics is built on rich traditions. We have celebrated championships in the past and look forward to celebrating additional ones in the future.

While academics will always exist first foremost in my mind when I consider decisions related to our students, I realize that athletics and other extracurricular activities can allow that window of opportunity to reach out to our students to widen, keeping them actively attending and involved in school life. I believe that it is through communication between the classroom teacher, the parent, and the coach, that athletics becomes extremely beneficial in providing balance in our student’s lives. With all that we offer here at Orange High School, no student should ever be without an opportunity to enjoy a rich, fulfilling life merging academics and extracurricular opportunities.

Once a Panther, Always a Panther. Please remember to support the academic and athletic programs at Orange High School.

Armond Hankins
Orange High School, Principal